The Sandrill



Item code SDRILL

This unit was designed in the 1950’s, specifically to sample minerals in deep sand deposits. However, more and more are being purchased to fulfil a variety of other tasks.

Some of these include, installing piezometers to monitor water tables; monitoring the stability of sludge dams; assaying old gold mine waste stockpiles in the Republic of South Africa; and sampling/testing the suitability of foundations for designs of major constructions in soft strata.

The Sandrill can test drill very sandy friable soils, take accurate samples and record depth to rock levels quickly, cheaply and without disturbing the ecology.

It is ideally suited for preliminary investigation work and is equally useful for ongoing assessment work.

It can be established on remote or difficult sites cheaply, without the need for other power sources or pumps. It can be transported by small commercial vehicle or helicopter or small boat or can be hand carried by the operators without dismantling.

It can be setup and operating in an hour and only needs a small clear level site for the operators to move around on.


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