Soil Augers

We have several different designs of augers for drilling and sampling soils and clays.

These include:

  • SOS – Spiral tipped general purpose soil auger
  • SOD – Aggressive cutters, hard soil auger
  • SON – Flat cutter, gravely soil auger
  • SOC – Single cutter, soft wet soil only auger
  • JA – Jarret style shallow sampling auger
  • SPS and SPF – Open spiral type augers.

Standard sizes are 50mm (2″), 62mm (2½”), 75mm (3″) and 100mm (4″) and some others made-to-order.

Newer items are shown on our New Products page.

  • SOS Series
    This is our most popular auger which is a general purpose design to handle most soil conditions, even very sandy soils.
  • SOD Series
    This new soil auger was developed to achieve better penetration in hard dry soils and by doing so requires extra effort to turn it.
  • SON Series
    It is a 2 flat cutter, single slot design
  • SOC Series
    This soil auger was developed primarily for its easy to clean features when used in sticky wet soils.
  • JA Series
    For taking small samples but may be subject to sample mixing causing contamination.
  • SP Series
    These are used to drill hard compacted soils or decomposed rock. They drill faster and are stronger than the soil augers but require greater care for accurate sampling.



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