Wet Sediment Samplers

To sample wet sediments it needs to be done in one sample because the hole collapses after the sampler is removed. 

These include:

The Gouge Auger, the Undisturbed Wet Soil Sampler (UWS), the Piston Sampler and the Russian D-Sampler.

  • Gouge Auger
    This is designed to take undisturbed samples from very soft and preferably very wet soils.  It is a tapered stainless steel tube with one side cut away.
  • Piston Sampler
    These are available as 2 main versions, the Surface type and the Down Hole type. Both have a moving piston that creates suction inside the sample tube.
  • Russian D Sampler
    The Russian D-Sampler is used in very, very soft and wet conditions like swamps and can sample at any given depth. The sampler is made from a half-tube (longitudinally) of stainless steel with one pointed aluminium end, a cover flap (blade) and a connection for extension rods.
  • Undisturbed Wet Soil Sampler
    This sampler is for obtaining undisturbed samples in water saturated materials and retains the sample inside a removable soft clear plastic tube and uses a plastic sample retainer (split fingered one-way valve).


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