Push Tube Sampler

Item code PT****C

The Push-Tube samplers are for taking undisturbed samples in normal soils. The thin walled tubes are held onto a stepped spigot on a Drive Adapter by 2 or 4 cap screws.

The Drive Adapter enables the tube to be attached to an Extension Rod and/or Slide Hammer. The tubes come in various lengths up to 300mm long and in nominal sizes of 50mm or 62mm or 75mm diameters.

The tubes are available in unpainted steel or stainless steel (add 45% to the price of steel tubes for the stainless steel ones). An allen key is supplied to undo the cap screws.

The tubes are drilled with 4 holes and have 4 screws but 2 are enough to hold them on and the other 2 holes just make it easier to fit and the 2 extra screws become spares.

The cutting end of the tubes is sharpened and is rolled in our lathe to slightly reduce the cutting diameter which reduces friction between the soil and inside of the tube.
Options: Various lengths, diameter and steel or stainless steel.

Drive Adapters are coarse thread only; and they need a Slide Hammer and Extension Rod to operate.


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